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Date Posted: Aug 04, 2022
Salary is subject to negotiation
Rangpur Division, Rangpur, Bangladesh
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Job Description

Business Apprenticeship Program
Equal Opportunity - Full Time
Banani, Dhaka

“Every employee who had patience & continued their on-job learning with us, could fast track their careers in International Organisations.” - Sadia Mahjabeen (Principal at iAmMotherly)
"99% of applicants failed to get a call for the Job Interview not because of their Skills or Qualifications but rather because of their lack of patience & insincerity in the Job Application" - Janelle Gale (Global Head of Human Resources at Facebook)

`IMPORTANT NOTE:Allocate 1 Hour with Patience
Read every detail very carefully
Research about iAmMotherly
Follow the application process sincerely

Our third-party assessors reject all applications which are incomplete or insincerely filled up.


iAmMotherly Business Apprenticeship Program is a 6-month training program offering high-quality career pathway where an individual can obtain paid work experience on core business functions, on-job training directly with the founders. This program provides a direct route to a full-time permanent role subject to successful and satisfactory completion of the Apprenticeship.

With our Apprenticeship Program, you will have the opportunity to learn every aspect of building a business ground up while working with the Founding Team hands on.

We are an impact organization working with the vision of raising a better generation of kids and flourishing families by bringing in programs for Kids, Schools, Parents and Communities based on Social Emotional Learning (SEL).

This role is a full-time journey toward fulfilling that vision while working hands on, extra hours, under pressure & with immense joy of learning.

Key Qualifications

‍You can be a Fresh Graduate from any related discipline, but from a good university. You can also be a mom on a career break who has some experience in Communication / Sales / Business development / Customer Management, and looking for a way to get back to career.
You MUST be someone who is agile, adaptive and has a great passion for learning.
One of the must things is to have excellent communication skill in smart English & Bengali, both written and spoken.
Need to be very tech savvy to be able to quickly learn & use different software tools efficiently such as Google Sheets, CRM, SMS Portal etc.
You need to be able to bring your own device (Laptop) to work.

Job Description

You will be assigned to one of the below three roles. Keep in mind, the management might rotate you between roles to find out your strengths and specialties.

Role 1: Apprentice - Communication & Sales

You will be responsible for continuously calling potential or existing customers to inform them about a product or service using scripts and your on-the-job learning. You will have to answer questions about products or the company, ask questions to understand customer requirements, close sales, raise invoice and follow-up on payment. You will also need to enter and update customer information in the CRM as well as keeping records of calls in the CRM. Creative thinking, rejection & stress tolerance, patience and the ability to work under pressure is something you need to have for this role.

This role will teach you how to win and maintain a great relationship with customers, the most powerful skill in any business. If you want to build a career in Sales, this role can be the perfect starting point for you.

You will need to go the “extra mile” to meet sales quota and facilitate future sales. This role will be difficult and at the same time extremely rewarding, because each sale will highlight your performance in the eyes of the founders.

Role 2: Apprentice - Digital & Social Media

You will be responsible for building a solid social media presence by formulating high-quality written and visual content in partnership with our creative team. You will need to maintain a regular and vibrant presence online. You also need to maintain a solid presence in different related Facebook groups with the aim to start conversations and create a brand image. You need to have understanding of marketing, digital marketing, advertisements, and multimedia design. You also need strong idea and familiarity with Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and other social media platform marketing.

This role will teach you the new way of marketing in today’s world. You will get to learn how to engage people and create great stories. If you want to build a career in Marketing, this role can be the perfect starting point for you.

You will be having specific KPIs in terms of growth in engagement and reach. It will be challenging but at the same time this role will be full of creativity and fun.

Role 3: Apprentice – Strategic Partnership

You will be responsible for creating strategic partnerships with schools, corporates, and societies which will ensure growth of the organization. You will be starting with a list of rightly fitted Schools & Corporations & setup meetings with their decision makers and us. Physical movement to intended partners will be a regular part of the job, so make sure you are comfortable with that. You need to be a quick thinker as well to make deals and handle sensitive clients. You will also need to maintain these client relationships.

This role will teach you the core principles of strategic partnership which is one of the most important funnel of most business. You will get to learn how to crack deals and get into institutional partnerships. It will also help you to grow your network in the business world.

You will be having specific KPIs in terms of signing MOUs with partners. Be sure, the role will make you sweat, but it will be extremely rewarding as well.


This Apprenticeship Program is an outstanding opportunity for highly-motivated individuals to start their career in a fast-growing, highly-impactful organization. The benefit package includes:
‍On-the job training on core business functions like Sales, marketing, digital marketing, communication, strategic partnership etc.
4-hour of extensive career advising, counselling & training directly from Board Members who are seasoned professionals with Global Exposure
Hands on training on new-edge software platforms like - HubSpot, Canva, Planner etc.
A token remuneration of BDT 7,000 / month
100% possibility to be converted to a full-time role upon satisfactory completion of the Apprenticeship
Facilitation of Global Certifications on Business Communication, Strategic Partnership, Digital Marketing.

How to Apply

Step 1: Assessment

Once you click the Apply Now button you will be taken to a 65-minute Online Assessment which will be used to judge your personality, business communication skills, your attention to details skills and your English language skills. You do not need anything else other than a steady internet connection and a sound mind to complete the test.

Please note, these are Global tests and even if you are not selected, we will share with you your test results so that you can use them to understand your strengths and weaknesses and to improve your skills. If you finish this test with the minimum requirement, there is a 90% chance that you are through to the next round.

Step 2: Final Interview

If you cross Step 1, you will be invited for a face-to-face interview. This is the final step of getting on-boarded to this amazing program. We hope to meet you here!

Please note, you will be invited through an Email so make sure to keep an eye on your inbox.Whether you are selected for Step 2 or not, you will receive an email from us with the results, so if you do not get that, feel free to WhatsApp us from our website.

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